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Houdek's   Pumping  Service

In February 1986 we purchased our first Kenworth pumper truck to start the pumping business. Seven years later, we added a second Kenworth pumper truck. Jim loves his Kenworth trucks for providing customer service to septic systems because they're known for their great abilities to be tough, strong & durable, and parts & repairs are always available.  Jim has built most, or designed to build most of the equipment on his pumper trucks, so they are spec built to his needs & desires.  We proudly operate 12 months of the year servicing septic & holding tank systems in Leelanau County, and we welcome new customers daily that would like to try our honest & reliable service.

April 1988 we started the portable toilet business with a first purchase of 16 portable toilets.  Our toilet inventory was up near 400 units in 2014, servicing construction sites, several Northern MI festivals(small & large), private parties, large auction events, Village & Township Parks, soccer parks, etc.  In April of 2014 we sold the portable toilet segment of our bathroom business, and diversified into the portable bathroom trailer rentals.

In 1995 we built our first Lavabo bathroom trailer(Prince) and our first rental event the annual Leland Wine & Food Festival.  Two years later we built another Lavabo(Princess) to rent to smaller outdoor wedding parties, to which the first rental was our neighbor 1.2 miles from office. Today(2015) we are 6 portable bathroom trailers strong for rentals of: outdoor weddings, festivals, private parties, VIP, Corporate parties, etc.  We love engaging in these events with our bathroom trailers, and we do cover a large radius for delivery. 

We are proud of our accomplishments since our business conceptions in 1986, 1988 & 1995** 

 We are affiliated with MSTA, Leelanau Peninsula Chamber, Cedar Chamber,
and the NFIB.

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